Do you want more customers walking through your door?


Through analysis of your social media, planning monthly photoshoots t0 meet your needs, and managing schedules of posts for optimal effect, I will help you achieve your goals.




We then review your current social media accounts and their engagement, determining gaps and ways to improve response. A photography package is created that will best meet these needs.


Through a consultation, we determine your target customer as well as what specific attributes you would like people to know your business for, such as food, atmosphere, or friendly staff.


Posts are scheduled and posted throughout the month at specific times for best engagement. We then review the results to determine if the plan has met the desired goals. Use data collected to influence editorial calendar for the next month.


An editorial calendar is planned out for you based on the photography package we have created. The photography for the posts is completed in a one or two day shoot based on package.


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